Over 40 years of artisan history and a spirit that renews itself every year according to customer needs and request. The collection answers to the needs of a discreet recognisability but at the same time distinctive for its inherent elegance. The experience of the workshop Tasselli Cashmere has born a new dimension in the field of knitwear “Made In Umbria” thanks to the continuous renewal of tradition.

Una Fucina Di Stile


This Umbrian brand draws its inspiration from the know-how and the aura of taste of an all ‘made in Italy’. Its daily interaction is a rebirth based on creative imagination and talent. The style department and the company itself turn into a forge of combinations of different materials, of innovative grafts of waterproof Cashmere fabric and of polychrome prints on thin textile realized from the most refined blends.

Cuciti Intorno a Voi


Taylor-made service, choice from over 200 colors, home delivery. Tasselli Cashmere restores precious time to the one who is involved in the frenetic circle of contemporary life: thanks to the slow rhythm in the production of handcrafts and tailor made services.

la storia


The history of Tasselli Cashmere has grown from the interweaving of skills and competences secretly kept in small home laboratories. It was there that, in the late sixties, Renzo Tasselli discovered skilled workers specialized in the decreased – not cut – knitwear of the Umbrian tradition. A skilled labour from the rural culture that had learned that nothing is to be wasted and consequently to work the yarns with care.

Il Territorio


Few people know that, for over half a century Umbria has been an important reference point for the manufacturing of high quality cashmere knitwear. This is due to the wealth of experience and tradition that the rural civilization, dedicated to the processing of hemp and wool, and to breeding the silkworm, has handed down to a whole generation of entrepreneurs who were able to understand – just as Renzo Tasselli did at the end of the sixties – that those practices and techniques could be put at the service of a rare and precious material such as cashmere.